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“Making a difference, one nail at a time”

Meetings do vary depending on the size and the scope of the project. However, you can expect a minimum of 3 meetings before the start of the project. Be advised that after the start of the project it is crucial for communication to continue throughout the duration of the job. There will be updates about every other day on progress. Without this open line of communication frustration may set in and no one wants that to happen.

Meeting 1

Meet and Greet. Get an idea of what it is your looking for and any ideas you already have. Whatever the project is, we need to brainstorm about options, suggestions, and get a comprehensive idea of what we are going to accomplish. This will be followed up with an email or phone call with a rough estimate

Meeting 2

Nailing down, so to speak, the specifics of the job from start to finish. Making a detailed list of items to be completed so that we can add them to the contract. We take some time to set expectations as far as time frame and what to expect during the job process. This will be followed by a final estimate whether it be a cost plus or fixed price.

Meeting 3

Signing of the contract. Covering once more, in written form, the items to be completed. Both parties will then sign the contract for protection and liability purposes. We’ll take some time for final questions and confirm the start date.