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Our Preconstruction Management Process
The earlier the better!

And they’re off! During Preconstruction, GMS Construction joins your project team ASAP to hammer out:

  • an accurate budget and schedule
  • a smooth transition from design to construction
  • shorter project durations
  • proper evaluation of building materials
  • value engineering options
  • minimal construction phase change orders
  • reduced design and construction contingency costs
Preconstruction been there, done that.

Your project goals, check! The design’s impact on the construction means and methods, check! Ready to make your vision come true, check! Here’s the rest of the check list GMS Construction follows in the earliest phase of your project

  • Material selections
  • Life cycle cost analysis
  • Alternative phasing and logistics
  • Operations / traffic patterns / public safety
  • Work hours / operations sequence matrix
  • Permitting
  • Scheduling
  • Budget development
  • Early bid packages and Guaranteed Maximum Price
  • Value engineering / constructability analysis
  • Monitoring and reporting on LEED compliance
  • Subcontractor solicitation & Estimating
  • Quality assurance
  • Site-specific safety planning