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New Home Construction

Building a new home can be one of the more stressful things you do in life. It’s GMS Contractor’s job to ease that stress throughout the process. That only happens when everyone is on the same page and communication is at its highest level. There’s nothing like moving into a new home built from the ground up!



Additions can be tricky. GMS Construction will meet with you at least three times before the start of construction. Most likely more! Timing and coordination are crucial. Constant communication will give you the peace of mind that things are on track.



Every Sunroom is different. Communication and planning will be something GMS Construction and you, the homeowner, will be a part of daily.




washroomA new bathroom can make a huge difference at the end of a long day. Whether it be a new shower stall or Jacuzzi tub, GMS Construction can make it happen.