Growth Management Services



Our culture is centered around communication, growth and unlimited possibility. It is our internal mission to operate with a unified vision while fostering an atmosphere where communication flows openly amongst all team members and partners.


Collectively, we operate under the understanding that the development of our team members directly contributes to the growth of the assets we manage for our clients and partners. We share a common belief in endless possibilities – for our team members, our business, and the clients we have the privilege to serve.

OPEN COMMUNICATION As a service-based company, we prioritize internal transparency by flattening the lines of command. Our open-door policy extends to the offices of even the most senior partners. It’s not uncommon for onsite team members to meet with the CEO if they have ideas on how we can improve. HONORING DIVERSITY With a broad population of residents and clients, we view our communities as small cities that we have the privilege of managing. Our teams, composed of people living and working in these communities, naturally foster an inclusive and diverse culture. Each individual brings unique contributions to our organization, making us a more complete whole and enabling us to better relate to our residents – and to each other. COMMUNITY SERVICE At GMS, we are dedicated to giving back to the cities our communities call home. We actively encourage our residents and team members to get involved and coordinate opportunities to make a difference. This includes initiatives such as school supply drives, cookie donations for first responders, Toys for Tots, and Adopt-a-Family, among others. Recently, we proudly partnered with Friends of the Children Detroit, a sought-after foster care prevention and intervention program that serves the youth in, or at risk of, foster care. “We’ve dedicated ourselves to nurturing a company culture that harnesses cutting-edge technologies, embraces best practices, and, above all, attracts and retains talented individuals who are passionate about the company and their pivotal role in its success.” Twyla Garrett, CEO
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